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Use Your Home Inspection to Get a Better Price (Sellers’ Edition)

Are you a prospective home seller? With the nationwide shortage of available housing for prospective buyers, depending on your market area, you may already have an advantage. Why not Gain even more of an advantage by having your house designated as a Move-In Certified® home by an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector®?

A Move-In Certified® home has already been pre-inspected and means that you the seller can provide the buyer with a report that confirms that there are no major systems in need of repair or replacement, and no known safety hazards. There is a reason you are asking what you are asking and this report proves it! Here a list of 11 advantages you gain by getting your home inspected and Move-In Certified® prior to the listing going up:

1. Your agent can add a cool Move-In Certified® label to all marketing!

2. You can schedule the inspection at your convenience.

3. You can assist me during the inspection, something that's not typically done during a buyer's inspection. I can understand better what I’m seeing, and you can ask questions that help you understand the value of what you have. This can streamline the inspection process and give you confidence in the condition of your home and its potential attractiveness to buyers.

4. You will be alerted to any immediate safety issues discovered, before other agents and potential buyers tour the home.

5. If the inspection reveals items that you wish to repair or replace, you have time to secure the best estimates and bids.

6. If repairs and replacement are done by you prior to listing your home, the home will show better.

7. You and I work can work closely together to help me draft the report, correct any misstatements, and present the house in the best possible light before the inspection report is generated and before it is distributed to prospective buyers.

8. The inspection report will help you see your home through my eyes, that of an unbiased third party, thus educating you further on its marketing potential when you speak to a prospective listing agent.

9. A Move-In Certified® yard sign, provided by me will attract potential buyers looking for a home in the neighborhood.

10. You or your agent can provide the prospective buyer with a link to view or download the report. You can also request me to post the inspection report on the InterNACHI Listings of Move-In Certified Homes for up to 12 months (FREE MARKETING!).

11. With a pre-listing inspection, the facts are up front and there are seldom any new issues or surprises by closing. This helps prevent protracted negotiations and 11th-hour re-negotiations. The buyer may be persuaded to waive their own inspection contingency.

Give me a call or shoot me an email, if you would like to know more ways that my home inspections can help you be a better homeowner.

May God bless each of you and your families.

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